Jailbreaking iPad 3 – Working Tips

Jailbreaking Techno gadgets has become more of a thrill than necessity these days, however the inherent need is that of necessity. Jailbreaking IPad 3 has become a recent craze on the same lines. Jailbreaking into the iPad 3 would metamorphose this ubercool techno gadget completely, it will give the user a complete access to live up the dreams and fantasies of a real fully customized iPad.

It also introduces you to a whole new world of applications which is otherwise not accessible or supported by the Ipad 3.

Jailbreaking iPad 3

Hence we would endeavor to provide you 2 options to live up your fantasies with the iPad 3 free of cost and you can suit yourself with the best option. Both the options are good in their own way depending on the convenience of the user.

Option 1 –  Jail Break iPad 3 with Spirit

Spirit is the most user friendly and convenient jailbreak. However there are some very important pre-requisites before one jailbreaks with Spirit:

  1. Your iPad must be enabled.
  2. Backup your iPad for safety issues and chances of data loss.
  3. Your device must be disconnected from iTunes logo & the emergency call screen.

Free Download Spirit

Step 1. Download the Spirit Jailbreak software & disconnect from iTunes on the computer. Then log your device onto the computer and Launch the Spirit jailbreak software.

Step 2. Now select/click the Jailbreakicon on the computer. The jailbreak coding will start on its own and get completed once it reboots the device.

Step 3. Once it is completed the following window pops up.

Then Cydia Installer gets updated on the iPad home screen, this enables the user to download hundreds of 3rd party applications on to the iPad.

Then all that the user has to do, is to enjoy the multi-featured fully empowered iPad3.

Option 2 – Jailbreak iPad3 with Jailbreakme

Jailbreakme is a consolidated decoder which runs on the principle of using the loop holes inherent in the safari browser being used on iPad. It actually is a set of jailbreaks effectively used for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. It is a single process jailbreak. It is fast enough and gets its rapport from the proven track record.

Free Download JailbreakMe

Step 1.Download Jailbreakme from World Wide Web, and install the Cydia software onto the iPad’s home screen.

Step 2. Once installed, run the Cydia application from home screen as in the case of Spirit.

Step 3. Then select the complete upgrade tab from the pop-up. This ensures the latest version of Cydia, and ends the process by a full reboot of the device.

Then all that the user has to do is to enjoy the multi-featured fully empowered iPad3.

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