5 Best Android Games on Android Market

1) Angry Bird Rio:

This game has drawn inspiration from the latest 3D cartoon children’s successful movie Rio released this year. Moreover, this is the third of the Angry Bird series.


The first and second of the Angry Bird series on iPhone were popular and prompted the developers Andrio OS to make the third one. This game is completely entertaining with complicated puzzles to sharpen your brain. Related updates are also released from time to time. Play the game, shed the anger in you and feel relieved.

2) Tank Hero:

You are the Tank Hero. Pick up the cannons, howitzers, heat seekers and throw at the enemies in the game. Fight the cunning enemies and save yourself and the world. Become the Tank Hero by playing this fast 3D action game on the Android phone. The game has 120 levels divided in to three kinds of environment. It keeps you alert all the time. The lighting is dynamic and the shadows very natural. Open GL 3D graphics are captivating. You can take advantage of the five kinds of AI tanks. Note that high end Andriod device like Nexus One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc. are required. Also, you can get this game for free if you root your android device and get the .apk of this game from forums like XDA developers.

3) Bubble Blast 2:

Who doesn’t like to burst bubbles? Here’s an opportunity. Play Bubble Blast 2 and start bursting bubbles. This makes the puzzle game peculiar and unique on Android. The most interesting part is that the bubbles, when burst, bring about chain reactions and more bubbles. This game keeps you busy as you enjoy trying to eliminate all the bubbles on the screen in minimum possible number of turns. The highly resistant bubbles are cute and small. The variety of bubbles makes the game more interesting. All these factors help the game list in the top five Android games. It’s absolutely free. Now, what are you waiting for?

4) NSF Shift:

Need for Speed is available on the Android market. This is one of the best racing games suitable for those who enjoy fast games online. I found no competition to it anywhere on a PC or a Play Station. This already famous game is not free. It’s a paid game but worth the payment. The graphics too are great. The only disappointing point about it is it occupies 40MB of the internal memory. So make sure your Android device is rooted so that it doesn’t slow down.

5) The Parallel Kingdom:

The Parallel Kingdom is a free, multiplayer, tricky game with a lot of depth. A serious game, it gives new meaning to multiplayer online games. As players you can explore the kingdom, collect items and also claim territory and found cities. The game demands commitment to navigate, learn and enjoy. The kingdom in the game is overlaid on a real-time view of Google maps. Your mobile signal or GPS determines you position on the map. You can encounter other players and battling monsters. Your character is in a small radius and there is opportunity to explore the kingdom and meet other players. Involve in the game and you will learn methods of virtual travels. The methods of virtual travel depend on the ways the other players stake out the territory.

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