Different Methods Are Used To Get Different Types Of Web Traffic

The reports from Google Analytic may be challenging. When you get the reports, you will have direct traffic numbers which show the number of the people who typed your url in their browsers or who have bookmarked your webpage. Referral traffic is from the people who come to the websites by following up other links. The search engine traffic is about the people who visit your site from search engine. The campaign traffic comes from the campaigns from the social media shares, banner ads, email blasts and Google AdWords.

Different Methods Are Used To Get Different Types Of Web Traffic

Every Type of the Traffic is Good for your Website

Everyone loves to get the traffic especially if it is the qualified traffic which sticks around and which converts such as signing up for a newsletter or to buy the products. The traffic has to be considered like portfolio and it is good to have a balanced portfolio which may minimize the risks while maximizing the returns.
If you want to get more direct traffic, you have to look for a short and easy to remember or easy to type URL while you should promote it offline such as using it on the newspaper ads, business cards and letterheads. For a good direct traffic number, it has to be near 20 percent.

If you want to get referral traffic, you have to reach out to people on both offline and online. You can blog or comment as a guest author on the content of others. You should link back to you in the right content. You may also make a list of your friends while researching other who want to be at that list, so that you can build a certain relationship. When you do this, you will benefit in two different ways, you will get more referral visitors while Google will also send more visitors to your site. The reason is that some number of the inbounds links can be too powerful signals for Google and you may rank well because of them.

Quality of Content is always Important for Search Traffic

If you are looking to increase the search traffic, you should start to do search engine optimization. Besides the link building, the content has to be relevant to the searchers and should be visible for search engines. There is a risk of having too much dependence at search engines since what search engines give, it can also take away. The search engine is changing constantly so you should try to diversify the visitors that you get for your website.

Campaign traffic does not come automatically since you need to have the campaign to get campaign traffic. However, the campaign traffic gives the opportunity to get more visitors and it can help you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If you are using a certain campaign such as Google Adwords, you will get the result of the visitors automatically.

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