HostGator Is The Clear Winner In Every Aspect

It is not only that when when a new website is launched people are looking for web hosting services. You will also get users who have been in this online business for long also looking for a change. Not all web hosting service offers great features and affordable price instead you might be fooled by the one- time payment that is the yearly payment. They do not provide you with all the basic features that are required, therefore at the end you will suffer from bad service.


This web hosting service started its journey in 2002 and within 2006 it already crossed 200,000 customers. It has gained the tag of the fastest growing web hosting company due to this reason. Taking into consideration its journey from a dorm room to a premium web hosting service provider it can be easily said that it is quite an inspiring story for people across the world.

Reasons for its popularity

You can easily distribute its reason for popularity in quite a few categories starting from pricing, service and the features that it provides its users. Let’s start with the pricing as it is the most talked about topic of the town. Then we will talk about the features that you can expect from HostGator and last but not the least the service including the HostGator discount coupon.

Price on Offer

– One of the major attractions of the web hosting service is the price that it has an offering for its users. When every web hosting service is coming up with plans that are not helping the users with the price HostGator has made the change in the price where it matters the most. They have three plans for their users:

• Hatchling
• Baby
• Business

Hatchling is mainly the plan that is made keeping in mind the requirement of the beginners then you will get the Baby plan which is for the users who have little bit of knowledge about the website development and hosting. Last but not the least the business plan will offer you solution for big business and the small business as well.

Features to be Noticed

– cPanel is mainly used by the experts in the industry to manage the daily activities of their site along with some of the business tasks on a daily basis. HostGator is now the largest web hosting service provider and this feat has been achieved within a span of a few years so that means the company has been dedicate doing well for themselves and also their users. In case of HostGator their customers have not only remained loyal to them, but have also referred other users too. In this way they have helped HostGator to grow into this giant.


– Best solution can be achieved from this web hosting service through shared hosting plans that is the cheapest and then you will also have the VPS hosting plan which is almost like the shred hosting but with more control in the hand of the users. The biggest one is the dedicated servers that will help the users have full authority over the server and in order to provide them with the best services it is boosted with latest technology and the applications are quite innovative too. Now with HostGator coupons 50 off users are taking more advantage of the web hosting service.

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