The Difference Between Allergic Or Cold Sore Throat

When you suffer a sore throat, congestion and cough, you may wish to know if you are suffering allergies or cold. However this is something hard even the doctors may have a hard time to decide about the cause of the sore throat and other symptoms.

Allergic Or Cold Sore Throat

Cold sore throat

Colds may be caused by many viruses and when one of these viruses enters into the body, it attacks the immune system. The effects of lowered immune are the symptoms of the cold like coughing and congestion. The germs that may cause the cold are normally contagious. When a seek person sneezes, shakes hands and coughs near you, you may get it. After some days, the immune system may fight the viruses off and a person will not see the symptoms again.

Allergic sore throat

Allergies are a result of the immune system which overact. The body may mistakenly take some substances which are normally harmless as germs and they may attack them. The body will start to release the chemicals like histamine as it happens while fighting off the cold. This may lead to the swelling in the nasals passage, sneezing, coughing and runny nose. The allergy is not contagious but people tend to inherit them from the parents.

Symptoms of cold

The cold can take around 3 to 14 days, it is common in the winter but it can take place anytime. The symptoms may take some days to start to appear after the infection of the virus. The cough is often, the aches can take place sometime, fatigue happens sometime, fever is rare, watery or itchy eyes are rare, sore throat takes place often and the patient may suffer stuffy or runny nose.

Symptoms of allergy

The allergy may take place anytime of the day whenever a person is exposed on the allergen. It can take place during any season as far as the allergens are not seasonal. The symptoms start at once when someone is exposed at allergens. The cough can take place sometime, there are no aches, fatigue happens sometime, the fever does not take place, watery and itchy eyes can take place often, the sore throat is something and stuffy and runny noise takes place often.

How to prevent cold and allergic sore throat

To prevent the cold, the patient should keep away from the virus that may lead to cold. He should keep away from people who suffer cold and to wash hands often. In order to prevent allergies, you should keep away from the substances which cause you allergy.

The treatment of the allergy and cold may be antihistamine which may block the histamine effect or a natural substance which cause the symptoms like runny nose or congestion. You can also take decongestants that reduce the swelling of the mucus membranes of the nasal passages which may make the person to be less stuffy.

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