Top 6 Inventions That Changed The World

When you think of an inventor, you probably think of a genius alone in a laboratory experimenting with a contraption or concept until it works perfectly. At that juncture, the new invention is unveiled to the public, a novel technology that instantly changes every thing. Here are the top 6 inventions that changed the world we live in for the better.

Top 6 Inventions That Changed The World

1. Internet

The Internet is nothing but a computer network spanning the entire globe allowing people access to any information located any where on the planet at any given time. The effect of the internet on economy, communication, business, politics and entertainment has been profound. The Internet is an invention with the ability to recombine and diffuse information with an efficiency which could accelerate the rate at which future world transforming inventions are created.

2. Computer

A computer is a device that accepts information, manipulates the input, and outputs new information. As a matter of fact, credit for the revolutionary invention cannot be ascribed to any single inventor, although the concepts of British mathematician, Charles Babbage have been considered influential in the field of computing and creation of the modern computer. Computers allow us to store a substantial amount of information and retrieve it almost instantly. Many things in the world we take for granted today would not operate if not for the computer from smartphones, automobiles, medical equipment to power plants.

3. Lightbulb

When we think of the electric light bulb, we immediately think of Thomas Edison as its inventor. But the truth is many people were working on a similar idea when Edison invented the first incandescent bulb. For instance, Joseph Swan was working on a similar project in Britain at that time and eventually the 2 inventors collaborated their ideas and formed a single company, Ediswan.

One may think the incandescent bulb changed the world by allowing people to work in the dark or at night. Actually it was the infrastructure that was created to provide current to every home to power the light bulb that changed the world.

4. Automobile

The concept of personal vehicles had been around for years, but Karl Benz’s Motorwagen powered by an internal combustion engine in 1885 is considered widely to be the world’s 1st automobile. Ford’s enhancements in the production line and marketing strategies brought the price for owning an automobile to the reach of most Americans and eventually Europeans. The automotive industry has paved the way for outstanding economic growth globally, but has also resulted in environmental pollution.

5. Steam Engine

Before the steam engine was invented, the majority of products were hand made. Draft animals and water wheels provided the only industrial power available with their own limitations. The Industrial Revolution perhaps the greatest change in the history of civilization was propelled forward by invention of the steam engine.

The idea to harness steam to power machines had been around for many years, but Newcomen’s invention in 1712 was the first to tap its potential for pumping water out of mines. In the year 1769, Watt modified a Newcomen engine by incorporating a separate condenser that vastly enhanced the steam engine’s power. James Watt is widely considered to be the inventor of the revolutionary steam engine. Steam engines not only powered factories that made fast production of goods possible but also operated the trains and steam ships that carried those goods around the world.

6. Communications

Development of communication technology has been an ongoing process of increased flexibility and utility since Morse invented the electric telegraph in the year 1836. The telephone refined the concept by transmitting actual voice communications over copper wires rather than just beeps that spelled plain text in Morse code language. These initial communication methods worked only from point to point and needed an extensive network of wires to work smoothly.

Transmission of signals wirelessly utilizing electromagnetic waves had been a concept worked upon by several inventors around the globe, but Marconi and Tesla popularised it in the early twentieth century. In just over 120 years, we went from a scenario where it took days or even weeks to hear news from across the country to one where we can listen to or watch events happening on the other side of the world as and when they happened. Since then communication technology has grown by leaps and bounds which has made the world a smaller place today.

We hope that the top 6 world changing inventions would have awakened the creative spirit in you. Your opinion on these inventions and perhaps even other good ones missed out in this list are solicited in the comments section.

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