5 of The Most Popular Bike Locks of 2016

Bikes had become our best companion and be a part of our life nowadays. The chances of getting stolen particularly on the street, is the major issue of using a bicycle. This is where bike locks had developed, which most of our bikes needs nowadays. Using a bike lock is thebest way to protect your bicycle against theft. Here are some of the most used and the best bike locks in 2016, to help you secure your companion.


The Ultimate Protection Combination Cable -Xtreme Bright Illumilock Cable Bike Lock

This is the coolest bike lock ever. This lock contains LED lighting, and it is very easy to use. The LED lights up in the dark, and enables you to easily see your lock combination even in the dark light. It became very popular among most of the cyclist due to its creative design and strength. It’s strong and durable since it is made from military grade braided steel.

Ushake Four-Foot Bike Lock Cable With Resettable Combination and with Basic Self Coiling

This lock has a 4 digit combination, and enables up to 10,000 possibilities to protect your bike. This peculiar feature made the lock highly impossible to crack. This lock is scratch resistant due to the flexible braided steel and the protective coating it has. It also comes with a six-month manufacturer warranty, so you have some power in your hands in case you are not satisfied with the product performance.
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The Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock -Kryptonite Keeper

This bike lock is most recommended, especially in low crime areas. It is of less weight and made up of hardened manganese steel. This combined bicycle chain lock comes along with a toughclog such that when your bike is under risk, it gives the extra holding feature, thus hampering the stealer. Its pin-link design end, through the tough chain lockgives some extra protection for your chain. The product is also currently available in four colors to suit your style and preferences as the customer.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini Bicycle U-Lock with Transit Flex Frame Bracket

Available in a variety of colors, this bike lock is made certain to not only fit your vogue as a sprinter but also the security needs of your bike. This particular U-lock is strong with a tough steel shackle that can prevents the cutting attacks from the stealer. It has a bent foot design that ensure extra security for your most trusted companion. It also has the pick and drill resistant disc-style feature that provides ultra-securityand it comes with the lock.

Bell Catalyst Pocket U- Lock for Bicycle

The Bell Catalyst Pocket U-Lock for Bicycles is a good choice for your bike’s security because it is strong. It is made of steel, and the cable has a pending patent. The anti-steal shackle design that the lock uses makes it hard for theft. It also comes with a feature like using this lock you can lock up to 2 bikes at the same time.

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